KENSO SOLUTIONS is an engineering company dedicated to the optimization of processes through the use of elements and ad-hoc systems of sensorization.

We work to make your company more efficient and we specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom hardware, which we use as a basis for building sensor systems that allow our clients to be more efficient and productive.
The term Kenso comes from the Japanese Kenshō which, according to the Buddhist traditions, represent the ability to see beyond the true essence of things. In Kenso Solutions we welcome this philosophy, we believe that understanding the origin of the needs for any project allows us to have a realistic and whole vision of the exact product required.






Our specialty is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)’s design in which we can guarantee high quality as a result of thorough study of each project. Working with the best electronic component providers allow us to obtain the best results in all our solutions.


Determination, insight and constant study of the new technologies of the sector, joint with our agile methodology, allow us to offer more efficient solutions.


Through constant communication and the intuition of our engineers, we allow the client to know in every moment the status of the project. With the obtained feedback we have the capability to adapt easily to the detected needs.


We work on different projects, but for us privacy is a key factor in all of them. That’s the reason why we always provide a confidentiality contract to guarantee the maximum security and safekeeping of the information regarding the project.


We adapt our work according to the changing needs of our customers. Moreover, we can work jointly with your design team, acting structurally as a part of your company, or if you prefer we can be your external electronic design staff.


Our commitment to satisfaction for our customers is our highest priority. We are actively committed from the initial phases of any project by providing improvements and suggestions, always respecting the deadlines and requirements.